The vision of Blasé Vigor is having people feel comfortable, talking about their personal problems in their everyday lives; being able to work those problems out comfortably in a safe way for a better and brighter future. To show people that it's ok to feel the way that they do and they shouldn't push those feelings aside nor ignore them . Instead learning how to feel those emotions, and then acknowledging those emotions; to convert those negative emotions/ thoughts into positive emotions and thoughts- which builds self love and self confidence. Learning how to be there for yourself and being able to pick yourself up when everything else around you feels as if it's hopeless and or you become blasé vigor to the way of living. Once people can say that Blasé Vigor helped change their lives outside of it being a clothing brand; and then those same people want to bring more awareness and help others around them. That is when the key milestones will mark the accomplishment of the vision and goals of Blasé Vigor.