Translation; Weak Energy 

Actual meaning; Your Unenthusiastic Mentally And Physically because you’ve been there too many times before - Blasé Vigor

Short definition; (Unenthusiastic Mentally And Physically)

The goal; To bring more positivity to mental and physical health as well as suicide awareness (building self love

Slogan; Continue Your Legacy; 

About us

Born out of resilience and a profound bond, Blasé Vigor represents a beacon of positivity amidst life's challenges. Anthony E. Lanier, a caring soul and a beacon of joy, laid the foundations of this brand in March 2021. Born on September 21st, 2000, in Washington D.C., he dreamt of travel and served in the military, where he formed an indescribable bond with Malik Langley. Despite suffering personal losses and fighting his internal battles, Anthony channeled his pain into creating Blasé Vigor, a testament to his indomitable spirit.

In late 2021, we tragically lost Anthony, but his legacy continues, stronger and brighter. It was then that Malik discovered their familial bond, a revelation that shaped his perspective on life. This loss, coupled with his own experiences with mental health issues, illuminated a mission for Malik - to foster awareness around suicide and mental health, subjects too often brushed under the rug in our society.
Armed with newfound wisdom from shared experiences of feeling hopeless, Malik committed himself to carry on Anthony's legacy; ensuring their dreams of Blasé Vigor would not fade into obscurity. After a year of tireless efforts and navigating the intricacies of establishing a brand, Malik successfully trademarked Blasé Vigor, marking a new chapter in its journey.

Today, Blasé Vigor stands as a symbol of hope, reminding everyone that they are not alone in their struggles. Our brand is rooted in the belief that life's trials are not the end of our stories, but the beginning of new chapters. We are here to make a difference, to impact lives positively, and to assure everyone that their legacy continues. Join us in our mission to light up the world with the vigor of resilience, one garment at a time.

Goals and vision

The vision of Blasé Vigor, is having people feel comfortable talking about their personal problems in their everyday lives; being able to work those problems out comfortably, in a safe way for a better and brighter future. To show people that it's ok to feel the way that they do, and they shouldn't push those feelings aside nor ignore them. Instead learning how to feel those emotions, and then acknowledging those emotions; to convert those negative emotions/ thoughts into positive emotions and thoughts- which builds self love and self confidence. Learning how to be there for yourself, being able to pick yourself up when everything else around you feels as if it's hopeless and or you become Blasé Vigor to the way of living. Once people can say that Blasé Vigor helped change their lives outside of it being a brand; then those same people want to bring more awareness, and help others around them. That is when the key milestones will mark the accomplishment of the vision and goals of Blasé Vigor.